• In the current realities of a climate that is overheating, an economic system that is bumping up against its limits, and a cultural context that can fragment and alienate us- how could we let go of ideas that are no longer serving us, and create something new from their ashes?

    On October 26th, we invite people from all ages to spend the day together & remember that we haven’t forgotten how to face complex challenges, deal with losses, live simply, feel profound joy and adapt to changing conditions.

    Why do we need an intergenerational gathering?

    Too often, the people excluded from conversations about the future are those with the most to contribute. We neglect the accumulated wisdom and experience of elders while ignoring the unconstrained imagination of our youth. We need everyone’s contribution, inventiveness, and commitment for our communities to not just survive, but thrive in these times of transition.

    What will happen on this day?

    During this event, we will deliberately and playfully make sense of the experiences people have of creative destruction & collapse. We will use creative methods to look under the surface of our experiences, and marvel at the collective magic and skills that will become visible to us in the room.

    Throughout the day we will invite participants to work together and express themselves in new ways. We will share sometimes difficult truths, engage with our sense of play & imagination, share stories and together form new narratives.

    What outcomes are we seeking?

    We are not seeking specific solutions, new initiatives, or other tangible outputs. Rather, our focus is to create a space for us all to become braver and more capable of staying present in the times we are living.

    Our main objectives are for us all to leave feeling connected to others and reminded that we possess the internal abilities AND the community capacity to respond to these changes with resilience, imagination, creativity, and inventiveness.

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