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A call for Climate Leadership

On Thursday 21st November we will host a workshop on Climate Leadership, as part of the Climate Aid week in Helsinki. Here’s 7 questions and answers – and why it might make sense for you to join.

Why Climate Leadership?

The Climate Leadership workshop was created from our urge to constructively participate in one of the leading crisis’ of our times. We believe that we need to realize our own power and agency to do something about it, and to find strength in community. Sometimes it seems like in the western world, especially here in Finland, we find ourselves feeling lonely in our anxiety around what’s happening in the world. We wanted to remind people – including each other – that we are not alone, and that as human beings we have strength and powers we might have forgotten about.

What does taking climate leadership mean?

It means reclaiming a sense of “control” – an ability to act and live in a way that you would hope to see more of in the world. It’s about refusing to look at yourself only as a vulnerable, small, insignificant part of a system that is not working, and instead discovering a new role for yourself.

”You don’t have to be an expert.

Insecurity is something you can

use to explore things.”

What does the workshop aim to do/create?

Climate Leadership aims to uncover some of the systemic challenges that we face in taking action and changing things, while also re-establishing our relationship to our own power – whatever that may look like to each person.

What happens at Climate Leadership?

During the evening we will share some of the things we find challenging and upsetting in our working environments, regarding the climate crisis. We’ll uncover the patterns of what’s hindering us from taking action and changing things. We’ll also share stories of moments when we have stepped up in our lives, and find our personal sources of power by looking back in our past.

”There is power in the small

stuff too — an antidote to feeling

that everything is too little.”

A few words from a participant of the first Climate Leadership workshop: “I found it really good that everybody worked from their own experiences, strengths and fields. The workshop didn’t give you tricks or top 3 pointers on how to take climate leadership, but instead encouraged and allowed each participant to dig into our own ways of thinking and operating. For me the workshop really gave courage because it allowed for me to discover the means to find it in myself and with my own terms. It left me feeling empowered and having the capacity to act.”

What do previous workshop participants say?

They’ve left the workshop with the feeling of having inner strength as well as value backup, clarity on the reasons people do not take action, and their own personal super power.

”If we let our internal beast out,

a lot of good things can happen.”

If Climate Leadership was a movie, what kind of a movie would it be?

It would be an independent, dystopian suspense movie with a grounding ending…!

Who could benefit from joining Climate Leadership?

People who feel like they are alone with this challenge in their everyday environments. People who would like to share and connect with others, and with kindling hope. Also people who work with this theme and would like some extra lift – a moment to reconnect with the purpose of the work they’re doing.

”I don’t want to use the

word empowered, but i feel

more awake. I got more

energy to keep on doing

what I’m already doing.”

We hope to see you at Demos Helsinki in two weeks. Tickets to Climate Leadership – Exercising courage at work are available via Eventbrite.

Until soon!

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