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"What's your favourite poem to start a meeting with?" and other questions you never hear in job interviews

When do you feel brave?

If you had an infinitely wise fairy godmother that could answer any question you have regarding life or work, what would you ask them?

Tell me about your favourite team or other collaboration you’ve been a part of. What made it special?

How would you like to be remembered when you’re no longer here?

When did you last experience joy that felt impossible to contain within your body?

What’s an injustice that makes you angry?

What kind of napper are you?

What does you dream Monday look like? How would you feel by the end of it?

What’s the nicest email signature you’ve seen?

If you had to choose a quote you had to put as your email signature, what would you choose? What kind of impact do you hope it would have on people?

Who makes you feel at home? Tell me about that person.

What makes you feel most alive?

What have you not said out of fear of being judged? Let me go first.

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