• Our learning practices are begging to be redefined

    Join us in building radical
    futures of learning.

  • For whom?

    This course is designed for learning designers, business leaders, activists, educators, human resources managers & anyone wanting to build better structures for human learning & wellbeing in the context of the complex future that is already emerging.


    Anyone designing systems or experiences for other human beings will benefit from this course. Previous learning design experience is not required. We work with methods that tap into collective intelligence - this welcomes different experiences and backgrounds.

    What will we learn to do?

    • Understand the structural changes that are reshaping our world today, and learn to use those to create better learning contexts
    • Use simple tools to deconstruct reality & sharpen your ability to see the structures and worldviews behind different learning practices
    • Train with creative facilitation frames, including Liberating Structures
    • Form a community of practice with other course participants who are bravely taking on a similar challenge – with trust, common vision and shared tools
    • Develop our social & emotional skills for piloting chaos & transitions
    • Learn to see and use the creative potential stored in uncertainty & chaos

    The working language of the training is English.

    Potential guidance after the training is also available in English, Finnish or Spanish.

  • Why should we be paying more attention to learning?

    Our world is in flux. The systems that make up our daily lives are radically transforming left and right - which makes our capacity to learn one of the cornerstones of our well-being in the 21st century. However, many of our most fundamental ideas about learning are based on decades and even centuries old concepts that have little or no support from research.


    How can individuals, organizations and other communities create new learning cultures that work with the complexity and ambiguity of life in this planet? This is one of the questions we'll be exploring together.


    This training is designed for learning on 3 levels – intellectual understanding, socio-emotional abilities, and developing action potential.



  • Outcomes

    After the training you will be able to:


    The Head

    • The paradigm we’re exiting – Learn to see & investigate the world-views & structures of our current systems


    • The transition – Understand the current context of paradigm transition we are living through and the opportunities it brings e.g. why experience design is more effective than information delivery​


    • The paradigm we’re entering – Gain a basic blueprint for the new paradigm that is emerging in different fields



    The Heart

    • Gain confidence in your vision for what is emerging and how you’d like to direct this change


    • Lead a transition in that direction in your daily work with peers, team or wider organization


    • Develop our capacity to use the potential in the chaos and uncertainty inherent in transitions


    • Become part of a community of people also building this radical change in learning systems around the city



    The Hands

    • Apply facilitation tools that work with complexity, ambiguity, plurality & active participation


    • Apply visual tools that allow us to experiment and explore surprising new paths


    • Design more intentional learning spaces for your specific context


  • From previous participants

    «The training had everything I want from a learning experience. Inspiring facilitators, who act the change they want to see. A balanced program which challenges and makes connections between our cognitive, sensorial and motor skills. A fine timing and spaces for developing relationships.»

    From previous participants

    «I believe we all left with a deeper understanding of the complexity we are dealing with in the education sector and we got a common language to address specific topics.»

  • Transforming how people collaborate, learn and connect with each other

    The Magic Department team

    Dorothy Zablah

    Experiential learning designer & facilitator

    Dorothy combines a robust research background with learning design & facilitation to bring about a paradigm transition. She holds a Masters in Education from Harvard University where she focused on creating a future of learning that is unleashed from the confines of school environments. Her latest work includes prototyping new kinds of University models in Latin America, as well as new forms of teacher training in Mexico and Finland. She's also spent some time in kindergartens around the world, learning about learning directly from babies.

    Anu Paajanen

    Facilitator & Experience Designer

    Anu is a Kaospilot-trained facilitator and experience designer with 16 years of facilitation experience in NGOs, public sector organizations and businesses. She approaches her work with a strong systems-thinking perspective and an impressive selection of colorful pens, which she uses to record conversations and insights in a playful, visual way. Her recent work includes designing and facilitating a participatory vision process for Sitra and Demos Helsinki.

    Noora Sirén

    Facilitator & Connection Designer

    Noora has a passion for creating authentic human encounters. Her educational background is in creative leadership and process facilitation from the industry-leading school Kaospilot in Denmark. Her latest experience includes hosting a 2-day internal knowledge-share event for an organisation of 100 people, and working with Spain’s leading sustainability agency in clarifying the action steps to reaching their vision.

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