• Lines of work

    Our services are designed to bring out curiosity, courage and wonder – so communities can be strengthened from the inside.


    Trainings & other learning experiences

    Amongst others, in:

    • Facilitation of groups and teams
    • Meeting Design
    • Internal Team Communication
    • Visual Thinking

    Process Consulting

    Amongst others, in:

    • Transitions from A to X
    • Co-created strategy processes
    • Collective problem-solving
    • Vision clarification & implementation 
    • Team building and culture development
    • Mid-year and end-of-year evaluations & next steps

    Company offsites

    When you want to:

    • Gather your team together at a pivotal point, f.ex. to kickstart a new quarter or evaluate a past one
    • Spark more organic collaborations between people inside companies, co-working spaces, etc.
    • Celebrate failures and successes as a community


    When you want to:

    • Inspire and energize a group of people – your team, organisation, or audience of an event you're hosting
    • Engage the audience and create a space of interaction (vs.  unloading information on people)
    • Be provoked – in your mind, body and heart

    Community Celebrations

    When you want to:

    • Host events where people can interact in deeper and more joyful ways
    • Bring your team together in pivotal points of the year, f.ex. pre-Christmas and pre-summer break
    • Create meaningful connections between strangers at conferences, festivals and other spaces
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