• Welcome to The Magic Department

    We host spaces that bring out the magic in people.

  • Trainings – Meeting Design

    Basics of productive

    and enriching team meetings

    Trainings – Future of Learning

    Radical futures of learning

    within education & the workplace

  • All humans are inherently brilliant.

    We are here to build a future of work that reflects that.

    How do humans and businesses flourish in an age where everything is in flux?

    The systems that make up our daily lives are radically transforming left and right, but underneath the stormy surface lies a source of unchanging magic: We are human.


    We help organizations approach work and learning in ways that unveil everything we are capable of.


  • Our Foundations

    Our goal is to radically transform how people collaborate,

    learn and connect with each other— in the workplace and beyond.

    We do this by combining a strong theoretical background in

    human learning & psychology, with the most playful and effective methods

    for experience design and collaboration.

    This complimentary approach stems from our training backgrounds

    in Neuroscience, Psychology & Education from Harvard University,

    and Experience Design & Process Consulting from Kaospilots, Denmark.

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